Spin Textures and Spin Waves

Prof. Daniela Petti

Quarta-feira, 31 de Maio de 2023 das 16:00 às 17:00
PA1, Mathematics

Title: Spin Textures and Spin Waves

Speaker: Prof. Daniela Petti (Politecnico di Milano)


Spin textures are nonuniform configurations in the arrangement of spins in magnetic materials, which are raising interest as active components in data storage and signal processing. During this lecture, different spin textures, such as domain walls, vortices and skyrmions, will be introduced and their main applications will be discussed. We will also examine different lithographic approaches to stabilize spin textures; indeed spin textures are stable, have a high degree of tunability and have nanoscale dimensions. In the second part of the lecture, spin waves will be introduced. They are propagating perturbation in the spin lattice of ordered magnetic materials. In analogy to photonics, magnonics uses spin waves to carry and process information at the GHz-THz frequency, but differently, the typical wavelength of spin waves at these frequencies is in the nanometer range, while the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation is order of magnitude longer. Currents of magnons, the equivalent quanta of spin waves, can carry energy (frequency) and angular momentum (spin) without motion of charges, which makes them promising for beyond CMOS computing, due to the absence of Joule heating. We will finally explore the interaction of the spin textures with the spin waves, focusing on how spin textures can be used to manipulate spin waves at the nanoscale. Some example will be discussed.