Wind has its satellite: aeolus

Gilles Labruyère

Quarta-feira, 22 de Junho de 2022 das 16:00 às 17:00
Este evento já terminou.
PA1, Pavilhão de Matemática

The colloquium will focus on the European Space Agency's aeolus satellite. It will more generally address satellite engineering. aeolus was placed into orbit by a Vega rocket on August 22, 2018, from Kourou in French Guiana. Its mission is to measure the speed of the winds all around the Earth and up to 30 kilometers in altitude. The mission is a world first, completed and a success. The data is great and is daily used for weather forecast. We will share a bit of the history, emotions and scientific and technical knowledge of aeolus. The basic principles of aeolus are simple and can be understood by everyone without any prior technical or scientific knowledge. The conference will cover the mission of aeolus, the orbit and its constraints, some technical elements of the construction of aeolus, the principles of measurement, the telescope, the laser, some of the major difficulties and how they were resolved. We will talk about terminator, cargo, soap bubbles, red lights, Lego, pressure cooker, black light, magnetic field detector possibly.